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With the message "A Day in Hoi An - A Hundred Years of Reminiscence," the real world performance "Hoi An Memories" is a huge ship bringing audience back to Hoi An trading port of the 16th and 17th centuries to witness the ups and downs of Hoi An over the course of 400 years while it served as the cultural crossroads connecting Vietnam with the legendary sea silk road.

The show Hoi An Memories is divided into five big stages, with the narrator being a female weaver, taking audience back to historical moments as well as the love stories associated with the Quang land.

Splendid overall scene of the Hoi An Memories show.

The opening stage is about the ancient Hoi An people when their daily life was associated with fishing, planting, and building houses. In the second stage, through the wedding between the Champa King and Princess Huyen Tran, the program indirectly reflects Hoi An's norms, economy and politics during Champa era.

With over 500 actors and actresses, Hoi An Memories becomes the largest real world show in Vietnam.
Meanwhile, the third stage depicts the transformation of Hoi An into an international port city. Via the emotional love story of a local couple with their new crafts, which is being a sailor of a ship doing commercial activities with foreigners.
The fourth stage describes an international market session, showing the process of Hoi An integrating into the world and how international cultures take Hoi An as the crossroads.
The fifth stage is a display of ao dai on the background of modern Hoi An with its current architecture and life, showing how it, as a city of long standing history, is going and developing. The ao dai reflects the combination between the East and the West. Ao dai and works of architecture are shown in modern context and sound.
Ancient Hoi An as represented on the stage of 25,000 square meters.
Over a stage of 25,000 square meters with the impressive investment into modern lightings and sound systems, and the love stories and contemporary stories as narrated by nearly 500 actors and actresses, Hoi An Memories touches its audience deeply with memorable impressions. VietKings recognized the show as "the largest outdoor stage in Vietnam" and "the daily show with the largest number of performers."
The scene representing the wedding of Huyen Tran Princess.
Hoi An, the trading port town
Performers in Hoi An Memories
Hoi An Memories, held by Viet Quoc Joint Stock Company, is expected to be one of the tourist specialities in Hoi An, helping to prolong tourists' stay time and increase their expenditure.
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Impression of Hoi An Memories show

Impression of Hoi An Memories show

The stage of the Hoi An Memories show has lighted up again since June 1st to meet visitors’ needs of Hoi An’s 400-year culture and history.
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Hoi An Memories show receives The Guide Awards 2019

Hoi An Memories show receives The Guide Awards 2019

The Ky uc Hoi An (Hoi An Memories), a 60-minute show on the history and development of Hoi An town received The Guide Awards 2019 at the Tourism Festival for being recognized as the best outdoor visual art performance in the country.
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