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After months of waiting, the debut night of "Hoi An Memories" - Vietnam's largest real world performance - took place on the 18th of March, fulfilling the stadium with more than 3,000 audience, including big names in Vietnam's showbiz such as the meritorious artist Xuan Bac, singer Hoang Bach, choreographer John Huy Tran, Miss Ngoc Han, MC Phan Anh, photographer Na son, etc.

This was the first time the local residents and tourists to Hoi An had enjoyed an unique real world performance with an outdoor stage of 2.5ha on the familiar Hoai River.

The grand stage of "Hoi An Memories"'s debut night

Despite their full schedule, many celebrities showed up early. All of them shared the same eagerness to be one of the first to enjoy the performance which earned two records: "The largest outdoor stage in Vietnam" and "Daily show with the largest number of performers" as recognized by VietKings.

Miss Vietnam Ngoc Han and many celebrities among the first to show up.

Giving prior information from the organization, the program attracted a lot of attention from the public. Mai Thi Dao, a resident in Cam Nam District, Hoi An city, said, "Although I can watch the show from my house, I still have to go there to understand more about the life of ancient Hoi An people, who are my foregrandparents.

Many families and friends arrived early, eagerly waiting for the show to start
When the first lights were turned on at the stage, thousands of audience held their breath, being overwhelmed with the grand scene opening before their eyes with streets of ancient houses roofed with yin and yang tiles sitting quietly, lanterns floating high above their heads at Lam Ap Street, a huge ship reminding of a busy city port four centuries ago.
Mapping effect created smoothly silk roads made by lights stretching to far away at night on the river. One hundreds girls in ao dai and palm-leaf conical hats made an amazing apprearance, dancing and walking with their torso bending in harmony with the background music. In addition, the stage transitioning technique with dynamic.
The lighting silk road by mapping effect started the catwalk show of 100 girls in white ao dai
That was the ancient space of Lam Ap Street and Dai Chiem Port as established by the first settlers when they came building houses, going fishing, and establishing a new life; when the relationship between Dai Viet and Champa were at peak with the marriage between Princess Huyen Tran and King Che Man; when the busiest city port on the legendary Silk Road was in its heyday with merchants from Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Fujian, India, etc. coming to do commercial activities. The show was like a huge ship bringing audience to Hoi An city port of the 17th and 18th centuries, where they could not only see for themselves the daily life in the region, but also witnessed the ups and downs of Faifo over the course of 400 years.
The splendid and luxurious wedding, typical of both Champa and Dai Viet 
"I've seen a real world performance before, but this is the first time I've been immersed in an ancient city atmosphere with multiple deep layers of culture. The old time is represented in a vivid and true-to-life so that the young generation can understand and love their nation's heroic history and cultural legacy," artist Xuan Bac said.
Artist Xuan Bac enjoyed taking pictures with audience at Hoi An.
Meanwhile, Miss Vietnam Ngoc Han shared her proud: "After watching "Hoi An Memories" I could be confident to recommend it to my friends and family so that they could feel for themselves the beauty of this land 400 years ago, which is also the beauty of Hoi An now, through the ao dai and unique dances and stories. The show was truly worth watching and sharing."
Miss Vietnam Ngoc Han promoted the maintainance and promotion of the nation's quintessential cultural and historical values via the impressive and dexterous performance.
As one of the celebrity guests to the debut night, MC Phan Anh said, "The real world performance "Hoi An Memories" touched me deeply. I was overwhelmed by the appealing narration via music, modern lights and the skillful performance of more than 500 actors and actresses. The local residents' norms and stories were represented in a gentle yet deep manner. This was not only an entertainment activitity; I believe this is an art program worth watching and experiencing when you are here."
MC Phan Anh shared his feelings after the show.
Mr. Dao Quang Tung, a representative of the organization, said, "Hoi An Memories is a product of creativity orgininating from the love for the culture and history of Hoi An in particular and of Vietnam in general. The program helped us realize our desire to liven up the proud for the nation through the language of real world performance. With enthusiasm, creativity and skills, we expect the program to be a meaningful gift for lovers of arts, culture and beauty."

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